Dear Families,
We would like to share some information for students who are provided support through the IEP process. The district is providing instructional supports for all students which are optional at this time. We are providing the following recommendations to support your student’s individualized instruction at home. These recommendations are currently recommendations and optional as no work has been mandated from the district at this time.

  • Students are always encouraged to work at their grade level with adult support. When using grade level curriculum, please ensure a student has access to support in order to promote academic success.
  • All grade levels are available on the site. For students who require adult support to complete general education work at grade level, please do not hesitate to use instructional supports from other grade levels to be able to promote independent work.
  • If your student receives support from our Speech and Language Pathologists or our School Social Workers, we have provided additional resources for all students to use. We also have a list of Assistive Technology supports to aid in helping your student’s instruction at home.
Please note, all work being provided by the district is optional at this time for students within the district. We understand that students with IEPs have specialized instructional needs and hope these resources assist your endeavors. Please continue to monitor the district for information as it becomes available. We would also like to reach out to you to provide a list of social emotional resources and recommendations during this time of school closure from our School Social Workers.
  • We encourage families to try to maintain as consistent routine as possible. As your households change their routines, try to keep daily routines such as wake ups and bedtimes still routine in order to help students feel secure during this change.
  • Find ways for your child to engage in healthy peer contacts. Please check your children’s mobile devices daily and often.
  • Encourage outdoor activities as time permits.
  • Take time as a family to try new things. Try a new game together. Find a way to have a different conversation. Try the Mindfulness Resources provided. There are a lot of ways to connect at home!
  • Please utilize the community resources if you have ANY concern about your child’s health and well-being. They are listed below.
If you believe your child is in serious emotional crisis during this time, please contact a licensed medical professional. Please know we understand that this will have significant impacts on our families. Please click here for Mental Health Resources.
Thank you,
Warren Consolidated Schools Special Education Department

Assistive Technology at Home


Boardmaker online
A platform used to create visual picture schedules. Currently, they are offering a one month free trial!

Read and Write
Google Read and Write is available through Chrome on any computer device. 

Read and Write
Natural Reader has free 20 minute a day sessions for PC’s


MISD Core Vocabulary are systems used to provide support for student communication.  Please use the link to print boards and watch how they are used: 

Speaking of Speech

Visual and Physical supports:
Helping students at home understand concepts can be easily supported through everyday items.  Playing games can be challenging for younger students.  Make a “my turn” card and pass it around the board, or use an egg carton to hold cards to support small hands.  Use any manipulatives around your house to support mathematical learning.  Legos, pennies, a deck of cards, and even snack time can help support visual understanding for students who need it. Find more ideas by using Pinterest.

Speech and Language Resources


This website offers Free downloadable speech and language activities for children with speech and language impairments.
Navigation: From home page, click on Free Stuff We recommend clicking on Handy Handouts and Calendars

Mommy Speech Therapy

This website offers materials for students with articulation impairments who need practice with specific sounds.
Navigation: From home page, click on Free Downloads.


This website offers free downloadable sheets with ideas for how to facilitate speech and language.
None, just click on the picture to get access to the printable downloads.

Speaking of Speech

This website offers a bank of free worksheets for students with articulation, language or fluency disorders.
Scroll down on website’s home page, click on the Printable and Interactive Materials-Browse Materials Box. There are 80 pages of downloads. Some are geared more towards SLPs while others for parents.

Free Language Stuff

This website offers hundreds of free language worksheets and activities, including games to play with kids.
Worksheets appear on home page by most recent. On right hand side, parents can click on key words to get them to more specific worksheets and activities.

Speech and Language

This website offers free resources including therapy games, flashcards and materials.
From home page, click on Freebies-Learn More button. There is also a Vocabulary-Learn More button. Both links will take you to free resources.


This website provides thousands of free pages with social skills, and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material and transition guides for employment and life skills.
Click on one of the picture icons under Popular Areas to get to specific resources.

Virtual Library

Social Emotional Resources


How to Engage and Inspire Parents and Children with Special Needs During Coronavirus-19


Games, dances, and activities that get kids moving!Just 5 quick minutes of number fun for kids and parents at home. Read a cool fun fact, followed by math riddles at different levels so everyone can jump in. Your kids will love you for it.

Common Sense Education

List of Apps for Social and Emotional Health and Mindfulness
Navigation: Scroll down on main page, click on app to download from a mobile device (some are free and some have minimal fees)


Find resources and apps for helping students develop skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and make responsible decisions.

(PBS for Parents)PBS for Parent

Apps with strategies that will help kids understand their emotions, develop self-control, build empathy, and practice problem-solving.


One of these apps could be the perfect way to introduce your child to a world of calm, mindfulness, and emotional maturity.

Twinkl (Free one month membership)

Free resources and printables for behavior, emotions, relationships, and social skills
Navigation: From the home page, click on Special Education on the top of the page; then click on Social and Emotional Learning. Choose from many free resources!


Calming nature sounds; soothing sleep stories; 100+ guided meditations (Free trial and then paid subscription)


Everyday Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Focus, Fitness, and More (Free trial and then paid subscription)

Other Resources

Khan academy

Connect to a tutor quickly and easily. Select your topic, subject and grade level. Then, to get the best tutor for your problem, type out your question and, if you have a file or picture, attach it to your request.

Khan academy

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings


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