This website is designed for parents and guardians of students from Warren Consolidated Schools to support their children in mathematics. Parents and guardians may notice that the homework and instruction their child receives in mathematics is different from what they remember when they were students. This is because math instruction has evolved over the years to adapt to advancements in technology and science, to incorporate results of research on student achievement in math, and to address high remediation rates in college. Adults may notice that the sequence of math topics is different, that more time is being spent on topics, and that students are being challenged to learn new skills and content. The reason for this is to help students develop numeracy—a conceptual understanding of how numbers work. Numerate students have developed a strong foundation that will help them excel when they study algebra, geometry, and other higher mathematics.

Parents and guardians can still support their child’s learning in math. This website contains information and resources for parents and guardians that explain mathematics instruction used today and provide suggestions for supporting their child’s academic success. Use the tabs on the left to navigate through the website.