Global Finanical Citizenship

Welcome to Global Finanical Citizenship

"Through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us"


Global Financial Citizenship is designed to teach real world applications and increase financial literacy. The topics will focus on employability in a global economy, career development, budgeting, money management, and credit management. Students will develop skills in pursuing career choices and prepare to be knowledgeable consumers. Other topics include, college planning, saving and investing, as well as consumer rights and responsibilities. Students will participate in a Capstone project centered around successful management of a virtual business, while learning how to be a global financial citizen. Math Related Credit may be earned for the fourth year math requirement if taken during senior year.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Know your rights and responsibilities when you purchase a product or service

College Planning

Become knowledgeable and gain decision making and goal strategies


Track your spending and saving, and learn the impact it has on your future