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Winning Futures is a program that is designed to assist students in southeast Michigan achieve their goals in their pursued future. The Administrators grant this assistance through programs they set up such as: developing life skills, strategic planning, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities. Winning Futures is a non-profit organization founded by Sam Cupp to focus on the goals, careers, characters and strategies that would be needed to help a student succeed. Being in the Winning Futures is the greatest opportunity on preparing for your future, take advantage of this offer and join today!

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The current member of the Governing Board are as stands;

Board Chair: Scott Rice, President – Powerlink
Vice-Chair: Frank Orsini, E-Systems President – Lear Corporation
Secretary: Jennette Smith Kotila, Vice President, CORE Partners
Treasurer: Sandra Shecter, Principal - Rehmann
Ellyn Davidson, Managing Partner – Brogan & Partners
Jeff Hoover, Partner – Howard and Howard
Kristina Marshall, President & CEO – Winning Futures

The current members of the Board of Directors are as stands;

Olga Alavanou, Executive Vice President - Yazaki
Hadas Bernard, Executive Director - Michigan Israel Business Bridge
Shawn Coyle, Vice President - MSX International
John Erwin, Vice President - SRG Global
Alma Guajardo-Crossley, Director - General Motors
Steve Henderson, President of Automotive Group - Leggett & Platt
Matt Joshua, Global Purchasing Executive Director of Electrical Components - General Motors
Monica Labe, Partner & Deputy CEO - Dickinson Wright PLLC
Trevor Pawl, Group VP, Supply Chain and Mobility - Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Daniel Russell Sr., Vice President - DEM Group




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