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About Us
We are Warren Mott Color Guard.
We are most commonly called the people with the flags. We are a part of the Marching Band and we are a Varsity Sport. When you see us during half time show we are there dance and/or spinning Flags, Rifles, Sabres and Props.

Where Can You Find Us?
You can find us at every home football game, performing with the band or basically any event where the marching band is.


What Do We Do?
We perform in the halftime-show by marching/spinning equipment and dancing.


How Can You Join?
You Join the team by going to the try-outs. Which take place a couple weeks before the current school year ends or by contacting the coach.
If you would like to find out more about the marching band please visit http://www.warrenmottbandclub.com/index.html