Did you know all objects on earth fall at the same speed? This is because of gravity and is one of the subjects talked about in physics class. In this class you were learn stuff like the calculating the motion of objects. Students will also learn important skills like calculating electricity traveling through circuits and even different types of electricity. Students also engage in lots of labs which make the class fun and gives students a nice break from the regular workload. Overall this class is important and interesting, especially if you are working towards an engineering career. It can help you get a job in the near future or prep you for college.


What do you enjoy about this class?

"The class is hands on, and we get to see how it works in everyday situations."

What would you recommend to future students?

"I would recommend future students to take physics because you can see how it is involved with everyday life."

Fun Facts

    • Did you know it takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to Earth.
    • Did you know that our universe is rapidly expanding.
    • Did you know that time stops when it reaches the speed of light.
  • COURSE ID: HS3301/HS3302