Requirements and Procedures


Physical Education Uniform Requirements:

  1. To participate in class, you are required to wear either Black or Maroon Shorts and a Grey Warren Mott T-Shirt of any kind (It may also be blank, no writing or pictures)
  2. You will have the opportunity to purchase a “Warren Mott” T-Shirt in the first week of class.
  3. You will also be required to wear gym shoes.
  4.  Dress shoes, flip flops, slippers, sandals, boots and bare feet will not be allowed in the gym or weight room.

Locker Room Procedures

  1. Enter the locker room on time; I will have 5 minutes running on the gym clock once the tardy bell rings.  You must be sitting in your attendance spot by the time the buzzer goes off and the 5 minutes are up.  If not, you will be marked tardy and will have to run while we warm up and take attendance.
  2. You will be assigned a locker and given a lock with a combination.  This is where you will keep your clothes and belongings.  Do not give out or allow anybody to see your lock combination.  Your lock and locker is your responsibility, if either is damaged or lost, you will pay the school fine.
  3. Do not bring food to class or in the locker room, you will not be allowed to enter or participate in class.
  4. No phones, cameras, I-pods or any other electronic devices are allowed out in the locker room.  If seen by a teacher it will be taken away and reported to the school administration.
  5. Make sure you lock up all your belongings, the school or teacher is not responsible for your lost or stolen items (money, phones, iPods, clothing etc.)
  6. At the end of class, you will have time to clean yourself up and get changed.  It is recommended that you shower, if you do plan on showering, you must bring your own towel and soap.
  7. It is also recommended that you re-apply deodorant when changing at the end of class.
  8. Take your clothes home every other day and wash them.  Have a couple of  sets of uniforms ready for the next day.