The following will be focused on in this class

-Improve the student’s Health-Related Fitness:
(Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditioning, Muscular Strength/Endurance, Core Strength/Endurance)
-Improve the student’s Focus and Concentration through Physical Activity during class.
-Improve the student's health through cardiovascular based training.
-Improve the student’s Self Confidence through achieving physical fitness goals and seeing positive changes in their body.
-Improve the student’s Knowledge of Sport Games & Physical Activities Such As: Basketball, Team Handball, Speedball, Ultimate Frisbee, Swimming and Health-Related Fitness Activities.
-Trying to have fun.

Warm up

At the beginning of the class the students will be warming up and stretching with dynamic flexibility to prevent any injuries that may occur with no prier stretching.

Activity Placement

During the spring season or the Fall season the students will be playing and practicing outside the classroom and gym onto the track and one of the fields. During the winter season the students will be practicing inside at the gym, on the basketball court and our weight room.