What is your favorite part of this class?

"It is hard to find a favorite part, every single minute in the class is my favorite"- Mariam D.

"When Ms.Elkouri tells a joke"-Henedine B.

What is the atmosphere of the class like?


"Good and funny"- Nedi A.

What advice would you give to future students?

"Do your best and Ms. Elkouri will help you"- Nedi A.

"Respect Ms. E"- Manuel L.

How do you feel about the class in general?

"I love this class, it is my favorite"- Mariam D.

"Its cool"-Mark

What is one thing you would want to learn from this class?

" I want to learn how to speak English better"- Hadeel B.

"How to use punctuation correctly"- Maryam A.