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Most people only know 10-20% about Microsoft programs. This class will go in-depth about these programs. Students will learn more useful ways to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Microsoft Office. This class will help students prepare for technical skills that employers will be looking for in the 21st century workforce.

Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, students will learn more about the application and how to apply it to its best usage in the 21st century workforce.

Microsoft Powerpoint

In Microsoft Powerpoint, you will learn how to use powerpoint to present information in a dynamic way such as: class projects, slide shows and business ideas.

Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, you will learn to use excel to create a spread sheet and manage data such as: rosters, sales, and numerical data.


These are the current teachers of Integrated Tech Specialist.

Ms. Kourtakis

Mr. Taylor

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