Learning constantly

Changes in technology and regulation mean that the accounting industry is constantly evolving. You'll stay up to date with best practices to be successful.

Easily Tackle Finances

You will be able to understand where all of your money goes after your paycheck gets deposited. With the knowledge of accounting you will have a deeper understanding of what goes into your finances and learn effective skills to track expenses and put aside money for your future. The math included in accounting is not very complex at all, if you can add and subtract, multiply and divide, you are able to account. With your learning of accounting you will be able to save up enough to purchase things you wouldn’t be able to dream of before you learned accounting.

Understand Financial News

There will always be scandal in the world of accounting, it is not unlikely you would turn on the news and hear of a recent manipulation of numbers that cause thousands of people to lose profit. There will be people who play by the rules and people who don’t, you won’t have to rely on the media to fully explain what happened unbiasedly if you learn accounting. Instead you will be able to explain it yourself.

Impress Your Employer

Imagine you’re in a staff meeting and the CFO wants to discuss the past quarter’s financials. If you learn accounting, you’ll be able to not only understand what the CFO is explaining, but you’ll also be able to provide input into the topic with your own financial wisdom and possibly impress both the CFO and your supervisor.

Excellent Graduate Prospects

Students that took accounting stand a decent chance of being professionally employed within 6 months of leaving a university. In fact, the top 10 universities for Accounting and Finance have an average graduate prospect score of 81.5%.

Work Anywhere

Accountants record, summarize, interpret and communicate the financial information on a business. You will be able to apply this learning to any company, in and field, industry, or sector. You can even work across a number of different industries.