Text Box: Friday and Saturday, November 19 and 20 at  7:30 p.m. in the WCS Performing Arts Center.
Text Box: Set in the small Southern town of Maycomb, Alabama, during the Depression, To Kill a Mockingbird follows three years in the life of 8-year-old Scout Finch (level 2s Nicollette Burbary), her brother, Jem (level 1s Chris Deckard), and their father, Atticus (level 2s Jared North). Those three years, beginning in 1935, were memorable because of the arrest and eventual trial of a young black man (Tom played by level 3s Curtis Chude) accused of raping a white woman.
  Scout witnesses, her father, Atticus' fight to save the life of an innocent black man. Through these experiences, Scout emerges from the innocence of childhood and enters the unjust and inhumane world of adulthood.
Text Box:    This production, the first of the season, features the abovementioned actors  supported by Caroline Kujawa (level 3) as Jean Louise Finch, Louie Sallan (level 3) as Heck Tate, Kirsten Byrd (level 3) as Calpurnia and Ryan Young (level 2) as Bob Ewell.   
   One of the best-loved classics of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird won the Pulitzer Prize, been translated into more than forty languages, sold more than thirty million copies worldwide, and been made into an enormously popular movie. Most recent, librarians across the country gave the book the highest of honors by voting it the best novel of the century
   Performances of To Kill A Mockingbird, dramatized by Christopher Sergel are on Text Box: To Kill A Mockingbird  by Tom Mahrle
Text Box: Letter From The Editor  by Valerie Edge
Text Box: As an introduction to this years first edition of The Callboard this year, I thought I should introduce myself and our paper. My name is Valerie Edge and I am a senior in level 4 at Cousino High School. Throughout my career at WCSPA, I have been very Text Box: involved in a number of shows as cast and crew. Some of my more recent involvement was as Mrs. Van Daan in The Diary of Anne Frank, a native dancer in South Pacific, and sound board operator for Anne of Green Gables.  The focus of The Callboard is to keep parText Box: ents and students updated on the latest happenings within the program. The paper will be written  by student reporters so you will get a first hand account of the events going on here. We will also try to keep up to date on newsworthy alumni as they define their lives and careers after the program.


October 28, 2004

Volume 2 Issue 1

The Callboard

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