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Performing Arts Fair
Here is the link to all the major fairs in the fall.  From here you can link to Interlochen, Chicago or Cincinnati to find out more details.
Michigan Schools:  University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Oakland, Western University, Grand Valley State University, Hope College
Michigan Schools' (Scholarships):  University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Oakland, Western University, Eastern University, Michigan Tech, Central Michigan University
Best Schools for Theater: Tisch Drama (NYU), Northwestern, UCSD, Yale, Columbia University School of the Arts, The North Carolina School of the Arts, Cal Arts, University of Evansville, University of Illinois, DePaul
Best Schools for Musical Theater: Syracuse, Webster, Cincinnati Conservatory, Carnegie Melon, University of the Arts
Best Schools for Film: American Film Institue (AFI), California Institute of the Arts, Columbia University School of the Arts, The North Carolina School of the Arts, NYU, San Francisco State University, UCLA, University of Southern California (USC), University of Texas at Austin

Click here for most  major theater programs in the United States as well as worldwide (123)

US Department of Labor
If you have kids that think professional acting is all glamour and no work, send them here. It's a site that has statistics and descriptions on a large number of jobs. It may be depressing to think that 85% of actors are out of work at any particular time, but it may also be a good reality check.
What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.F.A?
For Acting Students:
Actor's Roadmap
Some great lessons on how to be a successful actor.
Beginning Tips: Training, Headshots, Resumes, & Agents
A quick, yet realistic look at the basics of getting started in theatre and film.
An organization that centers around high school students going to see performances from peers at other high schools in the surrounding area and then writing, submitting and publishing critiques on these show in major papers such as The Washington Post.
The Education Theatre Association is the "parent" organization for the International Thespian Society.  It is responsible for hosting one of the largest theatre high school theatre festivals in the world.  It is held annually in the month of June on the campus of The University of Nebraska.

Elizabethan Glossary

If you're trying to find the definition of some Shakespeare word you've never heard of, try starting here.
Theater Vocabulary
A ton of vocabulary including theater terms that we use day in and day our here at Performing Arts.

For Tech Students:
Costumes Through History
A pictorial representation of costumes through various periods.
Lighting 101
An entire textbook of theatrical lighting on line!
Lighting Lab
Photos showing all the different angles of lighting
Stage Managers do Make Coffee
All student stage managers should read this before starting each play. An invaluable source of information.


For Theatre Teachers:

Ed Helper.Com
This site has numerous lessons plans for a wide variety of theatre subjects

Learn Improv.
The place to be if you need specific ideas on improv exercises or situations. I refer to this site a lot when planning my classes. Worth the trip! - Len Radin

The Drama Teacher's Resource Room
The Drama Teacher's Resource Room is "a place where you can kick back and find some ideas for your classroom or production." Useful information and some good lesson plans, and some really good links.

The Costume Page
The site has many links to costume resources and periods. Many of the links do not work or are just ads but there is enough here to make it a valuable site.

The Theatre Design Archive
Links to all different aspect of theater production.

Method Acting procedures
A hands on, classroom based collection of ideas to reinforce "Method Acting" techniques. Well worth the visit and lots of ideas.
Theater Games
Information on Viola Spolin and some of her best exercises/games.


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