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2nd hour Math Skills

Classroom Information


Daily Supplies:

·         Variety of Textbooks

·         pencils, spiral notebook (70 pages)

·         An excitement for learning!



·         Respect and be polite to everyone.  Be attentive and respectful when the teacher or someone else is speaking.  This includes substitute teachers.

·         Come to class prepared to learn with all required materials.   Bring a pencil, notebook, textbook, and folder.

·         Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  All pencils should be sharpened.

·         Listen and stay seated when someone is talking.

·         Respect other people’s property.  Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, not writing on desks or defacing school property, asking permission before borrowing from someone and returning borrowed materials.


  • Attendance:

School rules will be followed for absences and tardies.

  • Leaving the Room during class:

Students are urged to go to the rest room, drinks, etc. between classes.

If it is really necessary for a student to leave the room during class, they must sign out and use the class hall pass.

  • Dismissal:

Students will remain seated until dismissed by the teacher.

Chairs should be pushed in.

  • Grading:

Participation/ Homework: 25%

Tests/ Quizzes : 75%

Student test grades of “D” or “E” may be retaken.



Mrs. LaBelle

586-825-2560 ext 26309



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Quarter 3


02/11/2013 – 2/15/2013

2/18/2013 – 2/22/2013

2/25/2013 – 3/01/2013

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