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USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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Nutrition Services
31950 Mound
Warren, MI 48092
Fax 586.698.4160

Carl Merkle

Lunch Prices:
Elementary $2.75
Middle School $3.00
High School $3.25

Breakfast Prices:
Elementary $1.25
Middle School $1.50
High School $1.50

What to Eat

25 Tips


Medical Statement

Permit for Kitchen Use

Translations for School Meal Application


Help Wanted


Our Mission

The Warren Consolidated Schools Nutrition Services believes:
A Nourished Student Is A Learning Student.

Our mission is to offer a variety of quality, healthy food choices with excellent service in a friendly environment. We take pride in "feeding" the minds of the future.

A Peek Inside Central Kitchen


Susick served tomatoes to students for lunch. These fresh tomatoes were grown in Susick's school garden!

Jefferson Elementary


Mott High School's Nutrition Services employee Donna Payok was voted by the Leadership students as Staff Member of the Month! She is the proud recipient of the Golden Tire!

Warren Mott High School


Start your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Warren Consolidated Schools Nutrition Services Department offers a variety of easy to eat nutritional breakfasts served out of the cafeteria each morning 15 minutes before class.

Our school breakfast program gives hardworking parents a hand in meeting their child’s nutritional needs without interrupting the school day or taking away from important learning time. We recognize the established link between eating a healthy breakfast and academic success, and encourage all students to eat breakfast whether at home or at school. Students who routinely start their day with a good breakfast will learn healthy eating habits what will serve a lifetime!

If your child qualifies for a free or reduced priced lunch, they also qualify for free or reduced priced breakfast of 30 cents.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



Fill out your free/reduced priced meal family application online now!
Get a fast return response through the mail. No need to fill out a paper application. Visit the website at: www.lunchapp.com

Did you forget your lunch money?

Send Money to School.com

SendMoneyToSchool.com allows parents to gain access to the activity of their child's Nutrition Services account. There is no minimum requirement to make deposits online and the fees have been eliminated!! This service is now FREE to all parents. Deposits can be made at school with CASH ONLY.

Prepaying for meals is convenient for you as a parent, for your child, and for the cashiers during meal service. Monies are drawn from the account ONLY when your child eats; and if your child moves to another WCS school, the funds follow them. As a parent, you can indicate that money on account can go for meals only and ala carte purchases must be paid in cash. This is not an issue in the Elementary schools, but does come into play in the Middle and High Schools.

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