Electronics Technology I

This is an introductory course for beginners in electronics. The basics of DC and AC electronics are covered. The course also introduces: digital electronics, digital multi meters, oscilloscopes, semiconductors, oscillator, amplifiers, soldering, lasers & fiber optics, and power supplies. The course finishes with AM & FM broadcast technologies where the students build their own AM/FM radio kits and keep the finished product.Academic credits: 2 elective credits, Applied Math I - 1 credit, visual, performing, applied arts - 1 credit.

Computer Technology A+ Certification

This is a preparation course for the A+ certification exam. Nearly 90 labs with hands on and written assignments will be covered in this year long course. This is a nationally recognized computer repair and maintenance certificate program covering all areas of desktop computer technology. Networking is introduced including installing and making network cables. This class has a lab fee that covers the cost of a computer kit that the students build and take home upon completion of the course.Academic credits: 2 elective credits, 1 Dual Enrolled (Macomb Community College ) Math Credit, 4 Math Credits at Macomb Community College.