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School Improvement ...


Community High School

School Improvement Resource Information Page

This page will provide you with a central location for information concerning a variety of aspects related to school improvement at Community High School.  Make sure to take full advantage of the information available at our website: http://www.wcskids.net/chs.

Our Mission:

Community High School provides a nurturing and challenging environment which empowers students to learn, grow and accomplish academic, social and vocational goals and to become life-long learners and productive members of society.

Our Vision:

Butcher Educational Center uses a holistic approach to education our specialized populations using innovative curriculum, technology and real life applications while fostering a sense of community and integrity.

Our Beliefs Statement:

Community High School teachers believe that all students can learn. Teachers maintain "nurturing" attitudes and behaviors in the classroom, highlight student achievements and accomplishments for others to see, support the vocational activities of Winning Futures, and demonstrate and encourage positive social behaviors.

School Improvement Plan

The complete School Improvement Plan document for Community High School may be found online.  Check it out at:



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