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Student Leadership at Community High School...


west Mrs. West: Staff Leadership Sponsor
You may reach Mrs. West at 586-825-2900 Ext. 29308


What describes Student Leadership at Community High School?

  • CHS Leadership students will assist in Blessing in a Backpack program
  • CHS Leadership students will demonstrate their ability to lead both within the class and the overall school setting
  • CHS Leadership students will demonstrate their generosity by designing fundraisers and volunteering their time helping different community outreach programs
  • CHS Leadership students will form committees within class and after school to propose new school/leadership events
  • CHS Leadership students will make contacts and connections with the community for donations and sponsorships for school related functions
  • CHS Leadership students will earn community service hours toward graduation

Student Involvement

  • Students at Community High School are actively involved with Blessings in a Backpack. Check them out!
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