Award Winners

  • Bulk Like Hulk

    Jayvon Wilson
  • Drama Queen

    Tyler Chalmers
  • Drama King

    Andre Chandler
  • Most Athletic Girl

    Mariah Taylor
  • Most Athletic Boys

    Jalaan Brown
  • Best Singer Girl

    Allison Buckman
  • Best Singer Guy

    Tyler Gochanour
  • Most Likely to be President

    Stephen Abroo
  • Selfie Queen

    Lynette Nona
  • Selfie King

    Jacob Franco
  • #Addicted to Social Media

    Claudia Yakerra
  • Worst Driver

    Stephen Abroo
  • The Highlight of my Day

    Krystal Campbell
  • Best Smile

    Dionna Murphy
  • Best Eyes Girl

    Paige Strawska
  • Best Eyes Guys

    Ryan Hester
  • Best Dimples

    Noah Atkinson
  • Eyebrows on Fleek

    Mariah Taylor
  • Quiet as a Mouse

    Jaylen Bradford
  • Most Likely to be Famous

    Mario Ready
  • Band Geek Guy

    James McLennan
  • Band Geek Girl

    Nicole Liboy
  • Best Hair Boys

    Stephen Gortat
  • Best Hair Girls

    Marina Bacalia
  • Best Personality

    Marcie Younis
  • Class Chef

    Dustin Rutter
  • No Shame in My Game

    Andre Chandler
  • Class Flirt Boy

    Javen Hwier
  • Class Flirt Girl

    Alison Pickford
  • Class Clown

    Joe Bashe
  • Teacher's Pet

    Heather Thomas
  • Cutest Couple

    Stephanie & Stephen
  • Hot Ride of the Year

    Logan Susalla
  • Laugh-a-holic

    Grace Marchionda
  • Biggest Glo-Up

    Stephanie Burnham
  • Class Artist

    Dragana Serafimovski
  • Forever Young

    Kennedy Plieth
  • Bad Boys

    Lucas & Stephen
  • Two Peas in a Pod

    Emma and Lauren
  • Class Sass

    Jamie Basacchi
  • Class Genius

    Maddie Burgin
  • Tech Savy

    Hung Pham
  • Class Know-It-All

    Lauren Moine
  • Chatterbox of the Year

    Victoria Liboy
  • Most Emotional

    Megan Kruger
  • Most Likely to be Late to Graduation

    Brandon Thomas
  • Gamer of the Year

    Felix Carra
  • Shop-a-holic

    Geselle Tablada
  • Party Animal Guy

    Jacob Franco
  • Party Animal Girl

    Claudia Stevens
  • Worst Case of Senoritis Girls

    Nancy Forsythe
  • Worst Case of Senoritis Boya

    Brandon Thomas
  • Animal Lover

    Christa Worthington
  • Hardest Worker

    Kris Campebell
  • Most Likely to be Model Boys

    Michael Pond
  • Most Likely to be Model Girls

    Caitlyn Gaddey
  • Best Shoe Game Girls

    Jazmin Johnson
  • Best Shoe Game Boys

    Sean McDonald-
  • Best Dressed Guy

    Cory Schwartz
  • Best Dressed Girl

    Alexis Pardiac
  • Voice of Reason

    Charles Johnson
  • Teacher's Worst Nightmare

    Joe Bashe
  • Couple that Should've Been

    Stephen & Lucas
  • Class Hipster

    Lou Pastrana
  • Mr. Attitude

    Justin Hassig
  • Mrs. Attitude

    Margaret Hayes
  • Class Dad

    Nicklas Barnhart
  • Class Mom

    Lauren Moine
  • Moves Like Jagger Guy

    Brennan Maniaci
  • Moves Like Jagger Girl

    Marina Bacalia
  • Jack of all Trades

    Charles Johnson
  • Most Pride Guy

    Kris Campbell
  • Most Pride Girl

    Megan Kruger










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