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What do you enjoy about chemistry?

"I enjoy the discussion in class, the educational gain, and that the teacher's always there when you need help." -Emmanuel M.

"I enjoy learning about atoms because it's interesting how small particles can combine to make up everything in this world." -Amanda N.

"I enjoy learning about the things that chemistry has to offer." -Nicholas M.

Is there any advice you would give to future students taking this class?

"My advice is to take your time, don't freak out and rush if you don't get it the first time" -Madisyn J.

"My advice is don't fear asking for help, don't give up, try your best, and enjoy it to the fullest." -Emma H.

"Don't be late for class and study because the tests should be taken seriously." -Keelan H.

What is the atmosphere of the class overall?

"The atmosphere of the class depends on the teacher. However, in my experience in chemistry, the atmosphere has always been a healthy balance of work and humor." -Megan R.

"The atmosphere is fun and relaxed. If you try, chemistry can be fun if you make it." -Armani F.

"The atmosphere is good, it's never very serious, and we're able to have fun while learning." -Kate C.