Biology Teachers

This page contains all the biology teachers that work at Warren Mott.


Clicking on their picture will take you to their website. Their names is a link to their email.:

  • example graphic Mr. Aiosa - "My favorite part of teaching here at Warren Mott  is seeing how involved students  are  and how they become inspired along with seeing the creative work they produce."
  • example graphic Mr. Benner - "I enjoy teaching Biology because I the students have so many questions about "life" and how things work."
  • example graphic Mrs.Benner - "I love teaching  students that everything around them has a purpose and that all things, living and non, depend upon each other.  One word to describe this class would be 'challenging.'"
  • example graphic Mr.May - "The best part of teaching Biology, for myself, is finding ways to explain the natural & biological world to the students that they can understand and share with others.  Bringing clarity to concepts like Genetics & DNA, cell division, or explaining disease and illnesses, those are things that every person should understand.  That understanding helps to make the world a little less scary."
  • example graphic Mrs. Memminger - "My favorite part of teaching the class is when I can see that a student sees that biology will be an important part of their future and all of a sudden they begin to ask questions or better yet start telling me something that they know about it, that maybe I don't know."
  • example graphic Mrs. Ross - "Getting kids to understand new things and apply it to their lives is my favorite part of teaching."


Their Goal

Their goal at Warren Mott is to thoroughly teach the students about the life of this planet, and how it came to be, and covering things as big as an ecosystem, and as small as a single protein.


Don't be afraid to ask any questions if you're feeling confused, they will always be willing to help you!