"Professor Hart inspired me to become a mathematics teacher. We have kept in contact for more than 30 years. His guidance and friendship has given me the opportunity to work with so many individuals during my career as an educator. It is my hope that I will be able to provide you with the same inspiration and guidance. Sadly he lost his battle with cancer in January of 2015." - Yasso


What is your favorite part about teaching this class?

"Watching the kids learn. They have to approach these problems in a thoughtful manner which is a little different than just finding a solution."

How is teaching Pre-Calc different from teaching Trig/Stat?

"The class moves at a quicker pace. The material has a little more rigor to it. The student expectation is much greater."

Any advice for future students?

"Only sign up for this class if you are willing to put in the time at home. You should expect to put in a minimum of 30 minutes a night if you plan on being successful."

If you could describe the class in one word, what would it be?