Starting off

When you are first enrolled into Web Design, you will begin in Web 1. Web Design 1 students will learn the basics of HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Java, and CSS through Project Based Learning (PBL). Project Based Learning is the aspect of applying your knowledge to something through working on it as you learn.

Web Design 2

The students that decide to further their curriculum in Web Design progress into Web Design 2, these students will have the ability to work on the web site and will progress and maintain the site. They run the website as a team and ensure that it has a professional look.

More Information

  • Web Design is an elective that fulfills your VPA Credit
  • Students work on the site as a team, similar to today's workforce
  • All learning is done through Project Based Learning
  • You can enroll in Web Design more than once
  • You can earn college articulation credits for taking Web 1 and 2