What is Accounting?

Accounting is the processing and communication of financial information about business and corporations.

You will be able to precisely examine financial documents and make sure taxes are paid on time and properly. This will help you do your taxes in your life after high school and will also help you if you plan to be an accountant for a business firm.

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  Accounting 1

Registration: HS7311 / HS7312

This course will provide students with the manual and computerized Accounting skills used in a small business, organized as a proprietorship or a corporation. Students will complete realistic Accounting simulations and perform duties that assist the accountant in recording, sorting, and filing financial data. Manual and computerized competency will be exhibited in journalizing and posting transactions; reconciling a bank statement; completing a worksheet; creating a trial balance, balance sheet, and income statement; adjusting and closing entries; and implementing petty cash and payroll procedures.

  Accounting 2

Registration: HS7321 / HS7322

Students will expand their knowledge of manual and computerized Accounting procedures. Decision-making skills in budgeting, departmental Accounting systems, payroll procedures, and simulated Accounting experiences will be emphasized.


Mrs. Kourtakis

Mrs. Kourtakis is responsible for running all Accounting courses at Mott. You can contact her about anything Accounting related.

Classroom 404

  Phone Extension: 13404
  Email Address: akourtakis@wcskids.net

Winning Futures

Students are immediately enrolled to Winning Futures.

Students who take Accounting classes will automatically be enrolled into the Winning Futures. Every Thursday, students will go to the Winning Futures classroom where they sit down with their mentors and talk about how to be successful for life after high school. They will learn about material such as work ethics and what their strongest characteristics are and then relate that to the work force.